I’m Sorry If You Idea Karma Was Your Pal

I’m sorry your connection really did not function out.No, genuinely, I am. I’m sorry that you got rid of our relationship
to go after a man
that left
and also damaged your heart
similarly that he damaged mine. I’m sorry you really did not recognize my sensations
however, still anticipated
whatever in between us
to be simply great.

I’m sorry you really did not think of me,
or appreciate my experiences with him
sufficient to take any one of them
right into factor to consider
before you went behind my back. I’m sorry you succumbed to those unethical eyes,
as opposed to relying on the discomfort
you saw in mine. I will certainly never forgive you for that.

I’m sorry you pushed me apart
to run rashly right into failure. I’m sorry you discovered the extra reality
in his lies
then in the rips
you continuously viewed me sob.

I’m sorry words
Friends well as Betrayal
currently, both taste the same. I’m sorry you were negligent,
or if you believe that any one of this
was some type of game. I’m sorry you damaged the regulations,
and also truthfully anticipated
not to obtain played.

I’m sorry you believed it was all right
to mess around. Because, child lady, also in the
shallowest of waters,
dumbasses can still drown. I hope you weren’t anticipating commitment,
specifically when
in your very own representation
it can not also be discovered.

I’m sorry he haunts
both people now. I’m sorry our injury can be found in comparable tones,
both birthing the injuries of time
in the form of the initials of his name.

I’m sorry you made negative choices
as well as shed both people in the end. I’m sorry if Karma deceived you
right into assuming she was your pal,
that you
did to me. The even more time passes,
the much more glad I am
since I understand
I really did not really shed anything.

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